Creating art & photography. Two art forms that I love incorporating into my Instagram feed. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I love being behind the camera as I experiment with different types of shots. And editing those shots to create an even better looking photo. I take all of my photos with a Canon EOS 80D. This makes the photos a lot more crisp and clear. But even if you use your phone, there are things you can do to help enhance the quality of your photos during the editing process. It makes a heck of a difference when you photograph your artwork correctly. My biggest piece of advice prior to the editing process: If you want the best photo possible, shoot your photos during the day, in natural lighting. You won’t have to mess around with the lighting in your photos as much.


 This is by far my favorite. A FREE app that allows you to edit your photos in SO many ways. It doesn’t have ready-to-go filters as most apps do, which makes the process that much more unique. You can really fine-tune a photo to your own liking by adjusting the lighting, colors, and even down to very intricate details. I love that this app allows me to accentuate a particular color(s) in my images. If you’re focusing your Instagram feed on a particular color scheme, you can enhance or desaturate certain colors. This will make your images more cohesive, ultimately making your feed more eye-catching.


I mainly use this app to brighten up photos. Sometimes the lighting in my photos is not the same throughout, so this is a great app for increasing or decreasing the brightness to a particular spot that the camera wasn’t able to capture.

After you upload your image, there is a feature under “TOOLS” called “SELECTIVE” that will allow you to pinpoint exact spots on an image to increase or decrease the brightness.

What are your favorite photo editing apps? Would love to hear!

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